Dec 04 2008


Image Transitions Demo

When I first launched my blog I released the Transitions class at the same time. The header of my blog at that time was my demo. I have since changed the look of my blog and as a result the demo was removed. I have had a number of requests to get it back online so here you go.

Transitions Demo

Overall I am quite happy with how these effects turned out. I think they provide for some nice alternatives over the standard image transition effects that are commonly used today.

I hope you enjoy.

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2 Responses to “Image Transitions Demo”

  1. Transitions: Mootools Image transitions effects | says:

    [...] View Demo [...]

  2. cssProdigy says:

    Very impressive. Very, Very, Impressive. All the transitions are awesome. There’s a problem with the Gobble (PacMan) though. Great job!

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