Dec 04 2008


VisitSpy - Where have you been lately?

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As many are aware Javascript has been crippled by design. These design decisions were put in place to protect your privacy from rouge websites. VisitSpy is not a Javascript exploit, it is an exploit in CSS. CSS has built in styling for displaying links in different colors to communicate to you, the user, that you have previously viewed the link. With this visual cue we can use Javascript to find out if you have visited a site.

I think it is important to note that I did not discover this exploit, Jeremiah Grossman did. He provided a proof of concept but it is not full proof. His code requires a specific color to be used for the link. In VisitSpy I have implemented a dynamic stylesheet to prevent any kind of misreadings. I definitely feel that there are some ethical concerns to using such a technique. I myself have only used the follow script to make sure it works. It is not implemented on my site nor do I ever plan to. Some may ask “Then why even posted it?”. Information is power. To prevent this exploit while you surf around the internet I recommend you checkout SafeHistory for Firefox. SafeHistory, hides all visited links unless the link was directly linked to the current site. With this plugin the CSS exploit is removed.

Now onto the fun part!
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