Mar 05 2009


MooDocs TextMate Command

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José Prado just released the MooDocs Coda plug-in . The plug-in allows Coda to parse MooTools Classes and generates a Markdown formatted template ready to fill in with details. I took his great work and modified it for TextMate.

I packaged it as a single command that installs into the Javascript bundle. I also assigned <command>-D to the command, for even quicker generation. One minor thing I fixed with the code was the parsing of the class name. There were a few cases where classes are created without var and have a ‘dot’ in the name. Like Fx.Morph or Drag.Move.

You are still required to end your classes like so:

var MyClass = new Class({

Download MooDocs for TextMate


MooDocs for TextMate has been moved to a github repo

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